Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap CBD Oil

Why is it important to steer clear of cheap CBD products? With the rise of CBD products all over the world, more and more sellers are joining the bandwagon to cash in on the trend. If you’re looking to buy CBD products online, you’ve likely come across a few rock-bottom prices. While they might look good on paper, you can’t and shouldn’t take risks with something you’re going to ingest in your body or apply on your skin.

Cheap CBD oil doesn’t translate into quality since the entire process from growing hemp plants to delivering the package to your door is extensive and lengthy. Here are some reasons that should make you choose quality and effectiveness over the cheapest CBD you can find.

Organic hemp comes with a price

The best quality CBD oils are derived from U.S.-grown organic hemp plants. Farming, growing, and maintaining hemp are financially straining but the end result is rewarding. Just like you wouldn’t prefer synthetic chemicals used to produce your food, you shouldn’t accept hemp plants cultivated with low-quality, artificial materials.

Hemp absorbs toxins from the soil, so it’s imperative that hemp be grown in accordance with organic farming practices and that CBD products be manufactured with a process obsessed with quality.

Suffice to say, the more the focus on getting the ideal raw material is, the pricier the product will be. And, so will be its impact on quality CBD products.

Can’t compromise on the manufacturing process

Carbon dioxide extraction is the ideal way to derive quality CBD in high concentration but it’s a premium procedure. It doesn’t just end with CBD extraction. Even though hemp plants don’t contain a large amount of THC but to stay faithful to CBD users specifically buying THC-free products, it’s necessary to entirely remove the THC. Not only that, the carrier oils and flavors need to be of top-notch quality as well. Artificial flavors can do more harm than good to your health.

All these steps add to the total cost of bringing superior quality CBD products to the market. Manufactures selling cheap CBD oil compromise on the basic tenant to keep the price down. Providing a quality CBD product that will actually make a positive difference to the user’s life comes with a higher price.

The devil’s in the labels when it comes to cheap CBD

Cheap CBD oil is often mislabeled. Studies have shown that the amount of CBD in a product is often presented as higher than it actually is when tested. You also need to be aware that there may be higher amounts of THC in lower-quality CBD products than labeled. On top of that, a lot of cheap CBD oils contain only hemp seed oil – which contains absolutely no CBD, as there is no CBD in the seeds of the hemp plant. CBD resides mainly in the buds/flowers of the hemp plants. Since both hemp oil and CBD oil can be derived from the same plant, lower quality pseudo CBD products that are hemp seed only try to pass themselves off as CBD – especially CBD on Amazon, which does not allow CBD products to be sold on its platform, but does allow for hemp seed oil products to be sold.

Another tell-tale sign is the lack of lab results, called the Certificate of Analysis (COAs). Running CBD products through renowned labs or independent bodies is a great way to prove quality and reliability. Cheap oils hardly advertise clear lab results, if any at all, that can instill confidence. You always want to buy CBD from a company that publishes its CBD lab results.

CBD industry is still in its nascent stage. Small players try to make the most of the prevailing confusion by pushing out subpar products with false claims. Good CBD oils are produced keeping your health in mind and that’s why they don’t compromise on quality. The price justifies the product – this is true for both ends of the spectrum.