Why Not to Buy CBD on Amazon

Currently, Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD oil products on its site. That is why you won’t find any reputable CBD brands like VALO Living and other popular brands like Charlotte’s Web selling CBD on Amazon. What you will find are products that contain hemp seed oil, with zero or trace amounts of CBD.

CBD on Amazon

So, why is it when you type “CBD on Amazon” in a Google search or on Amazon itself you get a long list of products? Sadly, a seller can use any “tag” – such as “CBD oil” – on the back-end of their Amazon product listing. This is sneaky tactic to target popular search terms like “CBD oil” and trick consumers.

When you type in “CBD oil” on Amazon, what will actually come up is a list of products containing “hemp oil” only. Nowhere in the title or description of the product on Amazon will you see the words “CBD oil.” The seller has simply tagged the product as “CBD oil” on the backend of the product listing – the part you can’t as the consumer see – to get their product to come up in a search for “CBD oil.” A close look at the ingredients in any of these “hemp oil” products on Amazon, most will most likely not list CBD in their ingredient list.
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That said, there are some CBD brands trying to sneak past Amazon’s watchful eye and sell their CBD products on Amazon, so it is possible that there are a few hemp oil products on Amazon that do contain CBD and have made it through. But, unless Amazon reverses its policy and allows CBD to be sold on Amazon, these brands are in violation of the company’s policy.

When CBD Doesn’t Work

Unfortunately, many people don’t know that Amazon prohibits CBD products to be sold on its site and are buying products on Amazon that they think contain CBD. When these products don’t provide the desired effect, sadly causing many to assume CBD does not work. While it’s true CBD does interact differently with everyone and some people require a higher dose than others to produce an effect, naturally it won’t work at all if there is little to no CBD in the product purchased.

How to Identify Fake CBD on Amazon (or anywhere)

The only way to know for certain if 15 kehonrakennusvinkkiä aloittelijoille laatu anti estrogeenit merenkulun kanssa kehonrakennusmotivaatio – intensity x passion the CBD you purchase contains any CBD is to have the product tested yourself, which is burdensome and costly. The other way is to see if the company publishes its CBD lab tests. All high-quality CBD oil brands will be transparent and make this data available to consumers on their websites. If a company won’t provide you with the lab data, there’s probably a reason why. A reputable CBD oil company will gladly share their lab data with you.

Sadly, selling fake CBD hurts everyone, especially consumers. High quality CBD products offer tremendous whole plant wellness benefits to consumers. And emerging CBD research continues to support the value of CBD for health and wellness.

Hemp Seed Oil vs. Hemp Seed Extract or Phytocannibinoid-Rich Hemp Oil – What’s the Difference?

Another fine, but important point is the difference between “hemp seed extract” vs. “hemp seed oil.” Amazon allows for the sale of hemp products such as hemp seed oil, hemp soap, and hemp clothing.

While hemp seeds are a “super food” with high nutritional value, they contain insignificant amounts of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids. This is because the part of the hemp plant where the highest concentration of CBD lives is found in the flowers of the plant, not the seeds.

True CBD products derive their hemp oil from the flowers of the hemp plant, not the seeds. When purchasing CBD, look for the terms “phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil” or “hemp extract” on the labeling. If a product is hemp seed oil only, it will be listed as cannabis sativa seed oil. The higher milligram content of phytocannibinod-rich hemp oil or hemp extract in the product, means the higher the amount of CBD.

To summarize, unless Amazon reverses its policy on selling CBD, you won’t find VALO Living or any other high quality CBD brand selling CBD on Amazon. These brands are not about making a quick buck, but rather about improving lives through being transparent and honest about what they sell.