The Anatomy of Hemp

From stalk to flower, hemp offers abundance.

Hemp Stalk

The hemp stalk and hurd, the the inner woody part of the stalk, are tall and strong. The stalk fibers can be stronger than steel. Hemp stalks are commonly used in clothing, biofuel, insulation and paper.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds have many uses:

  • Health food
  • Moisturizer
  • Animal health

It’s important to know that while hemp seeds have value, they are not the part of the plant where the cannabinoids like CBD come from. So hemp oil products will not contain CBD, although they are often mislabeled as having CBD in them.

Hemp’s Flowering Buds

Now, here’s where we find the phytocannabinoids! The flowers are where the potent cannabinoids like CBD live.

The flowers in Colorado, where VALO Living harvests our organically grown hemp for our CBD products, bloom in the fall. The flowers are then harvested for their cannabinoids, which end up in our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp CBD tinctures, salves, dog treats and more!

Having a solid understanding about what parts of the hemp plant do helps you identify the hemp products that are right for you.