CBD Orange Tincture

Safely and simply deliver phytocannabinoid-oil rich hemp oil with our CBD hemp oil tinctures. Our CBD orange tincture is designed to be easily administered, highly bioavailable and provide you with quick results. Enhanced with natural orange flavor and sweetened with naturally sugar-free stevia for an enjoyable experience.

Each drop of CBD oil contains our U.S. organically grown high-quality THC-free phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, with naturally occurring cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes. As with all Valo Living CBD oil products, our CBD tinctures are Broad Spectrum. This means they contain zero THC, while retaining all the beneficial terpenes and other molecules present in our Phytocannibinoid-Rich Hemp Oil.

Valo Living phytocannibinoid-rich hemp oil CBD orange tincture is blended with combinations of: hemp seed oil, grape seed oil or MCT oil (derived from coconut). While tinctures are designed for oral use, they can also be used topically. All tincture bottles are 1oz (30ml). Our tinctures do not contain alcohol.



  • Ingredients
      Organically Grown Full-Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil, MCT Oil and Orange Essential Oil for Flavor.

  • 1 dropper (1ML)
  • 30 servings per container

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Premium CBD
  • Organically Grown Hemp
  • Proprietary Nano Emulsion Technology for High Absorption & Bioavailability
  • Grown and Manufactured in the U.S.

  • Total Aerobic Count < 2,000 cfu/g
  • Total Yeast and Mold < 200 cfu/g
  • E. Coli: Negative
  • Salmonella: Negative

  • Heavy Metals: Not Detected (ND)
  • Lead: Not Detected (ND)
  • Arsenic: Not Detected (ND)
  • Residual Solvents: Not Detected (ND)