Our Story

Valo Living was created with a clear focus to provide premium CBD oil products that people can trust and rely on.


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    Your mom is unable to sleep because of the side effects of her immuno-therapy medication.

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    Your daughter is self conscious of the eczema on her arms.

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    Your lower back discomfort is preventing you from doing the things you love.

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    Your sons are sidelined from achy legs from pushing it on the soccer field or training for cross-country.

These are our stories and the beginning of our journey to share some "Valo" (Finnish for light) and to provide something positive - wellness, life, and hope to the ones we care about most. Finding relief for our families turned into a mission to create VALO Living. With over 40 years of combined successful experience in the healthcare industry, we set out to create a company dedicated to transparency, safety, quality, and service. We learned everything we could about CBD, as we learned more our excitement for it grew to a passion. We learned about the many benefits of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. We discovered that hemp has a rich history in our country and once had a powerful impact on people's lives - and is, thankfully, doing so again as it experiences an exciting rebirth.

Not All Hemp is Created Equal:

While there's a flood of CBD on the market, very little of it is of the high quality you'll find in VALO's products. As we continued to explore the CBD industry, we encountered a wide range in quality and effectiveness among CBD products. Our goal was to find the highest quality CBD for our customers and create the best CBD products, settling for nothing less than what we would be 100% confident using for our own family wellness.

We are blessed to have formed a partnership with the industry's premier Colorado-based grower and manufacturer of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich broad spectrum CBD oil. We feel confident that you will feel the VALO difference when you use our products! We chose the word VALO, as it means "light" and is symbolic of our company's core values:

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    A commitment to quality

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    100% transparency with our partners and customers

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    Promoting health and wellbeing

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    Giving back to our communities

Our goal is to make your experience with VALO truly special and provide you with the highest quality CBD products available anywhere. We're so honored that you stopped by to explore VALO Living. As you use our CBD products, we want to hear your story. Please share your VALO experience with us at info@valoliving.com or better yet give us a call at (800) 760-0146.

In good health,

Mike & Brenda