Free Matching Product with Every Order

Dear Valo Family,

Thank you for continuing to place your trust in VALO Living for your CBD product needs.  We understand, now more than ever, the desire for products that support our body’s immune system and help us manage stress and anxiety.

When we started VALO Living, our goal was to create a company with the highest quality CBD products available anywhere. We have been successful in building a sustainable company that has been blessed to play a small part in helping people live their best possible lives.

We understand the challenging economic times ahead and have committed to temporarily provide an additional free matching product with every product ordered to help reduce the cost to all of our clients.  It is our hope that we may continue to support as many people as possible during this challenging time.

We chose the word “Valo” as it means light.  Let’s all strive to shine our brightest light into the world right now – It’s needed more than ever. Our light is on and we will continue to provide the same service and support during these challenging times.

We will get through this!

As the late great poet Maya Angelou said, “Every storm runs out of rain.”

Let’s ride this storm out together, do what we can for our friends, families, neighbors as well as take actions to positively impact those we will never meet.

Wishing you and yours good health and safety in the weeks to come.


Mike McClaflin, CEO
VALO Living