For Providers


More patients are asking their healthcare providers about CBD for health and wellness. And, more providers are seeking safe alternatives to helping patients manage chronic conditions, notably related to inflammation — something research shows CBD helps to decrease.

With patient interest growing, providers need quality CBD solutions they can trust. VALO’s innovative CBD for Healthcare program is focused on bringing the highest quality CBD to providers’ clinics and into consumers’ hands.

What You Get as a Provider in Our CBD for Healthcare Program:

  • Professional pricing on all VALO CBD products
  • An attractive display to showcase VALO CBD products
  • Eye-catching, professional materials that explain what CBD is an its benefits
  • A monthly article on CBD that you can use for your blog or newsletter
  • A co-branded eBook to help educate and promote CBD to your community
  • Flexibility with ordering quantity and no long-term contracts
  • The confidence that the CBD products you offer are of the highest quality available on the market

Commitment to the Highest Quality:

At VALO, we’ve worked hard to identify and align with the highest quality farm and manufacturer in the CBD industry. Our products:

  • Are Broad Spectrum Zero THC
  • Have an industry leading absorption rate due to our proprietary nano emulsion technology.
  • Have received a certificate of quality assurance
  • Contain no GMO ingredients, pesticides, solvents or heavy metals.

Ready to Learn More About CBD for Healthcare? Let’s Connect!

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